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  A wedding is, without a doubt, one of the most important and happy events in a family's life, but it can quickly turn into a headache to avoid that it makes sense to turn to professionals. After all, you are only planning on doing it ones right?

 In this post, we will tell you how to organize a great wedding and how much it could cost.

Wedding planning can be a very exciting experience, but it could also become a nightmare triggering anxiety attacks. There are so many little things that need to be taken into account.

In which format the wedding will be taking place, where will the celebration be held, how many guests to invite, how to place them, which photographer/host/make-up artist to hire, and all of this is just a small part of the issues that newlyweds will have to address. Where to start and how to organize the whole process?

The first thing a couple needs to decide on is how do they see their wedding. Big with a huge amount of guests or modest with just the closest family members and friends. Will the ceremony be held on the same date and spot as the reception? Will you be honouring traditions and religion of your culture or have a modern wedding. Or maybe you decide to elope to a sunny exotic island with just a few friends or favourite pet. All these options are strictly individual and depend solely on your preference, personality, family traditions and budget.

Plan a wedding on your own or use a wedding planning Profesional? 

You must decide at the very beginning, to save time, energy and even money.

What are the advantages of a wedding planner?

First of all, peace of mind. On the wedding day, a lot of things can go wrong. Bad weather, unexpected delays, your grandmother is stuck in traffic; the ice sculpture has been delivered to your home address instead of venue. You will remain calm because you know that an experienced specialist will quickly resolve any organizational issues. And he always has a backup plan for solving unexpected problems.

Second of all, substantial discounts! An average wedding in Canada costs approximately $30,000. Your event planner can help you save and budget your spendings. Wedding planners collaborate with the best photographers, artists, decorators. In addition, experienced organizers have their well-developed base of restaurants, caterers and other companies providing wedding services. This means that even by paying for an agency's services, you can save a significant amount.

Just like you would choose everything else, don't rush, make sure to interview more than two professionals. Ask for their recommendation letters, and do your due diligence.

Now its time to chose the venue, theme and decor.

Choosing the venue.

venue wedding

The venue is not only a city hall office or a church but its also a restaurant or a banquet hall where you will have your reception. The venue is chosen based on the number of guests. 

Next, pay attention to the following points. 

The location of the venue. Will it be in the city or the beautiful countryside with beautiful nature view. Is it convenient to get to it for your guests? Does it have a parking space? Public transportation nearby? It would be very unpleasant to be stalk in traffic for hours on this special day. The exception to that would be the hotel reception where you can accommodate our guests. Most hotels have the newlywed suite included in the price of the reception. Undoubtedly, it is easier to talk to your organizer, as professionals know precisely how to build the logistics of the day if you want to celebrate the city.

The Theme. Depending on your theme, it is always better to choose a bright and spacious place for your wedding. Especially now, with the social distancing rules, you may have to sit everyone 6 feet apart. You can work with your planner to make sure you position everyone correctly. 

Kitchen. No matter how gorgeous your venue is, you can't ignore the kitchen. Your venue must provide you with high quality and a variety of dishes. We suggest visiting the venue personally and trying different options. Creating a menu is a separate issue, but its a very important detail of the event. Make sure you research the venue, read reviews, ask friends someone must have heard or even been to the restaurant you chose. Please speak to your event planner. They usually have a few go-to revenues they usually work with. Your event planner may negotiate on your behalf on the food and even sometimes a price. 

Wedding decor. Is probably the most fun part. First, you need to choose a theme. Enchanted forest, ocean world, the royal ball, etc., will determine what type of decor you will need. Next, you need to have a budget; Balloons, paper balloons, fresh flowers or garlands, lights all of it has different price ranges.

And most importantly - who will decorate your venue, will you be asking your friends, does your restaurant provide such service? Or hire experts? You may have to research also a few places where to buy everything you need for decoration.

Photography and Videography. 

We haven't seen a single event that is held without professional photography. Even if you decide against reception and just exchanging rings in a city hall, you'll need someone professional and talented to capture the memory. Again, you are planning on doing this one, right? How to find him/her? The simplest way is to ask friends for recommendations, ask for previous work (portfolio). Not every photographer is familiar with wedding photography. Make sure to ask specifically for wedding examples. Don't rush your decision. Ask for pictures from a few different weddings. The same goes for the videographer. By the way, if you already chose a photographer, he may be able to recommend a videographer with whom he works in tandem.

Choose wisely 🙂

Entertainment. Most people leave this for the last. If they have enough budget left to cover it. But good entertainment is a highlight of your wedding.DJ, Musician, MC, and dancers are vital to making your event unforgettable.

Dancers can create an atmosphere for your guests right from the entrance; hosts, champaign girls, strolling tables, and the full customized show will be the perfect cherry on top of your cake, with live music and circus performers.

Call our professionals to design unique entertainment just for you. 

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We hope this article helps with your planning, remember not to stress too much. Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple!