With our new ''NORMAL'' and all the restrictions, more and more students turn to online home classes. You don't have to spend time driving, it's usually cheaper, and you can choose the most suitable time for you to dance. The ability to move and move well is beneficial for both women and men. No one wants to stand on the sidelines at a party just they cant hit the beat, or because they are self-conscious, in some cases, it could even be dangerous for people around :). In order to be able to move beautifully to the music, it is unnecessary, although in most cases, more beneficial to attend individual dance schools, it is enough just to work out a little at home.

Where to begin.

  First of all, let us bust the myth that you can only learn how to dance if you start young. Wrong!!!!! Yes, maybe you will not become a prima ballerina when starting at 50, but do you really want to? Our point is anyone can learn to dance. Just do not restrain yourself, let go, relax, make your body feel the rhythm - then the movements will be smooth and natural. This is a big plus of individual and online dance lessons - no one criticizes, watches or evaluates you. Although usually everyone is self-occupied and trying to figure out their own steps to worry about their neighbours. You get to chooses your favourite music and phase. Remember: dancing should bring you joy, only then you can overcome all difficulties on the way to success! 

  First, You need to free up enough space in the room so that nothing is on your way, your new plasma TV doesn’t deserve to be smashed during a perfect turn. 🙂  Make a playlist of songs separating warm-up, from dance lessons. Wear comfortable clothing that won't restrain your movements. Make sure area rugs or carpets are firmly fitted to the floor to avoid slipping. Depending on your footwear, carpets might have to be removed. Place your computer insight if you are going to record individual video lessons on it, which you will be practicing.

Dancing is like any sport, requires regularity and consistency - only then will be able to get a real result. Any lesson should start with a warm-up. Start by stretching your neck:

  • Press your chin against your chest for a couple of seconds.
  • Tilt your head back.
  • Repeat the same movement side to side and in a circle.

After that, proceed to your shoulders: roll your shoulders forward then back. Repeat 10 times. Now slowly turn your shoulders and torso from side to side so that the pelvis remains stationary. Next, stretch your back: make several bends to the legs, back and to the sides, then in a circle. Then you can start stretching your legs: make several lunges to the front and swing your legs.

Now you have to choose a dance style that fits your needs and personality. 

If you want to move smoothly, lose a few pounds, obtain rhythm, then Zumba classes are suitable.

Women who want to feel sensual, feminine, get control of their body feel more beautiful and sexy will love oriental dance, as well as strip plastic.

One of the most popular types of both male and female dance is hip-hop dance. This energetic and daring dance will suit rap lovers, who sharp strong movements, bright clothes and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

  The Salsa dance style is suitable for girls, boys and couples, fans of Latin music and culture, Latin club parties and those who want to stand out with their spins and plasticity.

Latin American dances, although they look lovely in pairs, are quite suitable for singles. But ballroom dances of the European standard: tango, waltz, quickstep, foxtrot are best learned with a partner. Rock 'n' roll is suitable for lovers of this style of music, which combines fast tempos, bright costumes, high energy and constant motion, in general, this style is created for energetic people. If you crave calmness and relaxation from classes, then we advise you ballet, gymnastics and yoga.

 Now that you have chosen your dance genre, look for an online course in that style. There is no need to frame and restrain yourself:

  • Improvise.
  • Combine and mix styles.
  • Choose new different and exciting music - just fall in love with dance and let it consume you into its colourful world, then the question "how to learn to dance" will no longer be relevant, because you will improve every day.

    If you realize that you want to move from an amateur to a professional level, you can always enroll in a particular dance school or hire a teacher.

We wish you an enormous amount of luck on your dance journey. And we hope it will spin and turn your life with excitement and richness as it does with our lives every day.