Our dancers perform at the senior homes each year. Besides regular shows that our dancers perform, we also create specialized shows that fit the event's theme at retirement homes.

Dancers also encourage audience participation. Some of the residences cannot interact, so we made a unique way of interacting with a less mobile audience. The Elderly participate in whatever way they can. Clap or
move their feet without standing up. Lift their hands and rock from side to side. Staff is also participating in the party.

The group performs in colourful costumes using multiple props and outfits, followed by pictures taken with each resident.

Many elderly residents in such homes are now suffering from the restrictions caused by the pandemic. As a result, they are isolated from their family, friends and society. However, the situation should improve soon - with mass vaccinations in Canada.

Dancers senior homes

We hope that our performances bring joy, cheer and a feeling of being loved and respected after this challenging year.

It's an excellent feeling after performing because of the people who live there. It's nice to see the expressions on their faces even when they can't communicate. It gives us a satisfaction of a job well done and with great purpose.