💃 The wings for oriental dance are called "ISIS." After the name of the goddess Isis, who in Egyptian mythology is portrayed as a woman with wings. The dance with the wings symbolizes the charm, the protection of loving hearts. 💝

Wings are a particularly spectacular stage accessory that requires ample space. These props are without a doubt the most popular among our clients. The music for the wing dance is dramatic, with slow movements during which the dancer performs various spins and figures with the wings.

Since the wing dance is a symbol for all those who love, it is very suitable for a performance at weddings as an elegant declaration of love, loyalty and tenderness.

The wings come in a variety of colours. All isis wings are sewn from organza or silk pleated or corrugated. Original wings are gold; however, today, dancers use wings in pink, blue and transparent tones. Such wings are more like the wings of butterflies, dragonflies or fairies, rather than the wings of majestic birds. Therefore, they require a corresponding more playful and light dance and music.


New generation wings are produced - from the softest nylon brocade and organza, which has better volatility and is easier to control. In addition, you can find wings with LEDs for an extra wow factor.


What elements can be done with wings? Rotations, swings, passes, bends, deflections - everything that will allow you to demonstrate the beauty of the chosen accessory limited only by dancers' ability and imagination.

It is definitely one of our favourite props to dance with. What is your favourite prop in our arsenal?