New Year's celebrations are ranked number one among all the holiday celebrations in the world. A vast number of people, regardless of age, religion, race and customs, celebrate the New Year with their family, at work, among friends.


Everyone knows this holiday. Each country has its own customs, ceremonies and traditions. But you always want to bring something fresh and new to surprise your family, friends and colleagues. Today we will talk about an unusual New Year's corporate party, which will definitely be remembered for a long time. 




So, what needs to be considered first while choosing a program for your corporate party? 

  • The number of people in your workplace. 
  • the age of your colleagues
  • the ratio of men and women
  • the presence of easy-going people in your team
  • the budget for organizing an event

Now let's get down to some ideas.

Option 1: Quest



You can organize a very non-standard corporate party by simply ordering an exciting quest. It is somewhat similar to the clue game, except everything is much immersive and energetic. Players do not sit at the table but actively participate in the plot, solving an intricate detective riddle.

Each player has their own character, biography and their own role. 


Option 2: workshops




This idea is more suitable for a female team of different age groups. But, of course, at the same time, don't forget gifts and a festivity. Still, the workshop itself will provide positive emotions.


What kind of workshops to do:

  • handmade chocolates, painted chocolate bar
  • learning the basics of floristry
  • culinary and dessert workshops
  • creating handmade perfumes and soaps
  • sewin soft toys 
  • oil painting
  • ceramics and clay pottery


There are an endless amount of workshops, check the ones available in your town. 

The following options are for theme parties.

Option 3: corporate retro party in the 80s style



Not sure what to wear for an 80s party? Choose outfits with bold colours and animal prints. 

Headbands, massive jewelry, overalls, leopard print leggings, and oversized glasses will be suitable elements for girls. The hairstyle should be as big as possible. Highwaisted Jeans, trousers and shorts for the bottom and t-shirts, blouses, tops tucked into them. 

For guys - jeans and bell-bottomed trousers, or, conversely, tight and short trousers, as well as bright shirts, vests, T-shirts and T-shirts and oversized jackets. Rock style. 


Have a quiz asking questions about the 80s, for example, what events happened at that time? Or guess lines from the 80s songs. 

Another game: two people are selected. One is blindfolded, given a felt-tip pen and brought to a previously prepared sheet of paper. The second is given a photograph of a famous person. It is not shown to anyone else; he must describe the appearance of this celebrity so that the first person draws it with his eyes closed. As a result, all participants must guess the character, except for the one who described the celebrity. 

The corporate program must be filled with music and dance, and we can help you with that. 

Option 4: New Year's party in the style of rock stars



What do rock stars do?

Of course, most of the entertainment programs on this theme party must be revolved around music and dance contests. So invite your guests to walk the red carpet, arrange a dance battle, all together play Guess the Tune.

As part of the entertainment program, it would also be appropriate to organize a master class. For example, you can invite a professional dancer or a singer and have fun repeating funny rock and roll moves or songs after them.

Karaoke is a must at this event. 

Option 5: New Year's party in the style of Alice in Wonderland



Half the world is in love with this enchanting fairy tale. She is philosophical, funny, absurd and mystical at the same time. And all because of incredible outfits, cool hats, and, of course, the Cheshire cat's smile can not leave anyone indifferent. 

Sweet cups with the invitation "Drink me!" it is impossible to refuse. A New Year's party in the style of Alice will remain in memory for a long time.

How to entertain your guests in this theme. 

Of course, this is card croquet. Be sure to arrange a drinking competition from those cups, after which you can make a sobriety test by asking to build a pyramid of cups.

Creativity has no limits at this theme: a magic show, a dance program, "rabbit dances," card shows. 

Option 6: Sport game



It is not the first year that winter offsite corporate parties have been at the peak of popularity. This is a perfect option for holding a party, especially if you need to entertain a very active and young team. Champagne, Christmas tree, the barbecue will happen at the end of the game, somewhere in a hunting lodge.

Ideas for organizing a corporate party in the fresh air:

  • Paintball competition
  • Biathlon (of course, a very simplified version of it)
  • Various group competitions
  • Figure skating or hockey
  • Baseball 
  • Skiing

We have a perfect cheerleading show for cheering your athletes

It's been tough 2 years. We hope you will enjoy this marvellous holiday season to the fullest. May you find a million reasons to be happy today and every day. Happy holidays.