It is tough to stay romantic with all the restrictions and closures and plan a fun day for Valentine's day.

If you are still going to celebrate a holiday and really want to please your soul mate but don't know what to plan. We have prepared 5 inexpensive, exciting ideas you can implement without breaking quarantine rules.

1.Scavenger gift hunt.

This is an exciting method that can be used everywhere: on the street or in a park; however, it will be more convenient at home. The bottom line is that you prepare a card or leaflets with inscriptions in advance, according to which your partner will look for your gift. The game becomes interesting even at the stage of thinking:
For instructions, you can use riddles from your shared memories and experiences from life, for example.
A photo next to the window will mean that the next clue is somewhere there.
On the back, you can write clarifications in the form of a riddle to trigger the imagination.
As a result, everyone will get pleasure - the game itself will become a gift, and at the end of the quests, there will be a gift.

2. Challenges for two

We always have a fun together

A great way to diversify your relationship is to compete in something frivolous and fun. For example, who can draw a portrait of the other half blindly wins the game. Whoever Laughs first - Loose. Show each other funny videos, the one who giggles loose.
Another challenging task is to create a look for yourself from the outfits of a loved one. You can poll your friends or followers on social networks to determine whose look turned out better.

3. Recreate the first date

There is no longer any awkwardness in your relationship, so a date like this is a great way to have fun and nostalgia for your time. Start where you first met or dined together and end the evening where you first kissed or confessed your feelings to each other. Recreation of the first date is a chance to surprise each other again and fall in love ones more.

4. For adventurers

If you and your better half are little daredevils, you can go on a trip by train or suburban train. Stock up with tea or wine in a thermos, have an approximate direction, and follow the adventure!

5. Dance

Those who did not dance together do not fully know the depth of the relationship.

Dance has a magical ability to bring you closer to your partner, help you feel confident and enjoy the beauty of the movement. You can take a one-time lesson in the comfort of your home (through zoom).

We have available teachers but it is better to book it in advance.

The most important thing to remember is that to maintain a good relationship, you need to do pleasant things and show your feelings on regular days, not just on holidays.

We hope you have fun and have a fantastic Valenti's day.