There are many theories and legends about the origins of dancing with a sword.  

Some people believe a legend that in ancient times, women accompanied men on military campaigns to entertain them at night in a tent with dances and using their weapons as props or women blessed men before hunting or fighting. They presented them with weapons on their heads.

However, historians are not as romantic: they argue that this theory came from a painting by the 19th-century French artist Jerome. His canvas depicted a girl with a sword in a dance pose.

Whatever it is, dancing with a sword demonstrates sensuality, grace, power, incredible skill and balance.

How to chose a sword

When choosing your sword, place it with the curved side of the blade on your wrist. Ensure that the center of gravity is approximately in the middle and not near the handle or point.

Now move and tilt your finger or wrist in different directions - if it is balancing, returning to its original state, it is suitable for dancing.

Music for sword dance

Dance with a sword isn't folk dance. It belongs to the SHOW BELLYDANCE style. That means you can use any version of the music.

Remember the character of the dance. The music should not be monotonous; it should have dynamics, even some aggression, indicating your energy.

The main positions of the sword on the body

The most common, as you probably have seen, is on the head. Here you can use all possible hip and arm movements. The main thing is to keep your head as still as possible. For spinning with a weapon, you can lift it above your head before you start spinning. 

 The sword can also be placed on the shoulder. If you place your arms on your sides, the sword will be held effortlessly. In this position, you can use such movements as "undulation," "camel walk," etc., and if you raise your arms up, you can spin.

My personal favourite is placing a sword on the stomach, chest and on my hip.


As for the custom, it all depends on your character; the sword balances the best on bare skin. So keep that in mind when choosing your costume.

Extra tips

Even in dance, the sword is still a weapon. Therefore, do not forget about stabbing and cutting movements. Forward lunges, swinging overhead, sharp side impacts, etc. But all this must remain a dance. So combine the movement of the weapon with the dance. This will give your dance a special flavour. 

Little tricks

1. mark the center of gravity of the sword by placing dots with a marker

2. you can wear a beautiful headband that will support the sword during balancing

3. dull the sharp end of the sword so that it does not stab during tricks 

4. The handle can be covered with velvet or other fabric to make it easier to rotate.

I wish you good luck in mastering this excellent prop. Do not be afraid; to get creative. Dancing with weapons is really exciting!