Planning an entertainment program is an essential step in preparing for a wedding. It doesn't matter if you have ten guests or 100, you are making a party, and there is no way without entertainment.

We have prepared five real games from fun weddings for you to steal. 

Classical dance battle

Two teams, who will win? Boys against girls, young people against the older generation, and the groom's relatives against the bride's relatives, who are cooler and fun? Yes, the dance battle has always been a decoration of the holiday, the culmination of the evening, but let's add a twist! How about our guests be dull instead of funny!

Put the most killer track, but they should dance as boring and slowly as possible! You can also let your guests perform the most ridiculous dance - one that will be embarrassing to repeat or dance as they danced in the 80s, 90s and now. Instead of two teams, your guests can compete with the bride and groom, or all against one - the funniest, all against the groom's grandmother - just imagine how cute it will be when everyone will succumb and try to dance worse than grandmother. (she has to win here) 

Wedding Games 1


The host learns exciting facts or stories about the guests that are unknown to the rest in advance. Call 5-10 people to the stage. Reads out a list of unknown facts (stories) about these guests. The task is to guess which point belongs to which person. Everyone is guessing.

Fragile waffle

You will need a package of waffles and fun music. This game is played by couples. Each pair is given one waffle, and they must hold it in their teeth on each side. When music turns on. The couple's task is to dance and not break the waffle. The couple that will last the longest on the dance floor wins.

Pass the bag

Everyone who wants to participate in the competition is in a circle. The host with the bag is in the centre. Only the host knows what's in the bag: it can be filled with all kinds of wearable things - the point is that the objects are funny. When the music begins to play, the participants start to walk in a circle, the host throws a bag to someone. The task of each player is to get rid of the bag as quickly as possible; otherwise, when the music stops, the loser will have to randomly pull out the first object that comes across and put it on.

Wedding Games

Stretch the rope

This game requires 2 teams with 5 participants in each group.

 You need to prepare 2 long ropes in advance and tie spoons to their ends. Next, each participant should stretch this spoon through his clothes and pass it to another. The team that completes the task faster wins.

The search for the missing bride

So. The party is in full swing ... Our performers doing a great show to distract guests, the bride is kidnapped ... To save the bride, the groom has to ask for the help of his fearless friends. For our magical characters to give up the bride, they need to dance with one of our best dancers. If the guests win the dance battle, we shall return our hostage.