When a young man or a woman decides to make a marriage proposal to his/her beloved one, he or she carefully plans this moment. Chooses a suitable place and time buys an engagement ring and a large bouquet of flowers.

Wedding ring

Choosing a ring

The wedding ring has a unique shape and is usually gold with diamond. But a woman/man can choose any other beautiful ring. Canadian jewellery stores typically have a special set that consists of three rings: two for women - engagement and wedding, and one for men - wedding. The purchase of the wedding rings is usually the responsibility of the groom.

In order for it to fit in size and be liked by the future owner, it is better to consult with a friend or relative of the chosen one. Sometimes it's a good idea to grab an existing ring from those that a chosen one wears all the time.

The Canadian wedding ceremony is divided into two stages: the engagement and the wedding itself. It usually takes from six months to a year from the moment of engagement.

A wedding in Canada is not only a serious event but also very expensive. On average, around 25 thousand dollars in Canada are usually spent on the wedding.


One or two weeks before the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds must register their marriage.

Civil registration of marriage is a simple process - they come with the necessary documents and forms to the authorities (city hall), where they are declared legal spouses. The bride and groom receive a marriage certificate later by mail.

Every province has its own rules and times of processing, please click on the link below to find what is appropriate for your province.


Wedding preparation

In Canada, newlyweds, as a rule, do not do it on their own. Instead, all pre-wedding chores are typically spread out among wedding organizers, family members and bridesmaids.

While preparing for the celebration, the bride needs to think over and choose a wedding attire and decide on dresses for bridesmaids, which should be the same in colour and shape and suits for men from the groom's side.

An important point is also the coordination of the guest list. Since wedding invitations are sent to them long before the ceremony itself. 

A month before the wedding, a bachelor party is held. It is attended by the groom, his close friends and male relatives. As a rule, some pleasant surprise is prepared for the groom and gifts are given.

On the other hand, the bride goes to a bachelorette party, which is also called the "bridal shower." It is called that way because friends shower the bride with gifts during the party.

Wedding preparation

What is a typical venue for Canadian newlyweds?

An outdoor wedding is a favourite celebration option among newlyweds in Canada. Often the party is organized in country houses or tents, which are decorated with flowers, balloons or fabric. The celebration takes place in a beautiful restaurant, banquet halls and hotels in the cold season.

Features of Canadian wedding dresses

Canadian wedding dresses can have various cuts and styles: the choice is up to the bride. Most brides traditionally prefer light-coloured outfits, but some girls are not afraid to appear extraordinary creating their image and choose coloured wedding dresses.

Canadian and American brides have a unique tradition they always wear.

  • One new thing to the wedding, which promises a happy start to family life;
  • One old thing that shows respect for tradition;
  • One thing of blue or blue colour, as a sign of the virginity and purity of the bride;
  • And one thing borrowed as a symbol of good luck.

However, this is not always true. Since Canada is a multicultural country, every community may have brought their own customs and traditions. You can take note of some exciting ideas and adapt them to have your own unique celebration with a Canadian accent.