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Flapper Dancers: Amazing Events in Toronto

It's time for Toronto residents to get ready for the winter holidays, and with that, our charming dancers are preparing a 1920s-inspired performance for you. With Christmas and New Year approaching, city event organizers and ordinary families alike dream to book flapper girls and hire 1920's flapper dancers. In this article, you will find out why. Our talented dancers will transport all the guests of your private party to the magical era of the last century and give everyone present an unforgettable experience.

Gatsby Flapper Dancers

The Flapper Girls will take you and your guests back to a time of refinement, glamor, and glamour with their Gatsby-style dance performances.
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1920s Themed Dancers in Chicago | Book Dance Entertainment

Charleston: the dance of a decade

The Charleston is a style of dance that became popular in America in the 1920s alongside the birth of Jazz.


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      The Flapper Era and Its Dancers

      The 1920s can be called a transitional period in the field of entertainment. At that time, flapper dancers created a real cultural revolution that significantly influenced the formation of modern dance styles and fashion laws. Their vibrant energy and captivating performances brought a fresh dynamism to the stage, captivating audiences with their innovative moves and exuberant spirit.

      Event organizers and venues sought to raise the level of their shows and attract more guests. Thus, they already recognized the need to hire flapper dancers to create an enchanting show. The allure of the dance troupe with flappers bedecked in their signature fringe and sequins, continues to enchant contemporary audiences in Toronto.

      Representatives of the past era had a characteristic style, and our artists follow these fashion traditions:

      • 1920s flapper dress: Most often, the flapper dance dress silhouette was with a low waist and bright jewelry.
      • Costume 1920s flapper: The costume has always been luxurious, shiny, and bright.
      • Flapper clothes 1920s: The clothes of that time and the costumes of our contemporary dancers symbolize freedom, rebellion, and courage.
        1920s shoes flapper: Often characterized by T-strap Mary Janes and low-heeled, intricate designs.
      • Flapper makeup 1920s: The makeup represents the transition to more modern looks, with dark, smoky eyes and deep, dramatic lips.
      • Flapper 1920s hairstyles: Showcasing the iconic bob haircut, a symbol of liberation and defiance against traditional norms.

      What is a 1920s flapper dancer?

      Flapper in the 1920s was more than just a dancer. Each young girl was the embodiment of freedom and rebellion. This generation challenged social norms, traditions, and laws. This is how flappers fashion in the 1920s came into its own.

      Moreover, her vivacious personality shone through the electrifying rhythms of flappers 1920s dancing, as she embraced the pulsating energy of jazz and Charleston, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of the Roaring Twenties.

      The most interesting facts about this era:

      1. Flappers challenged traditional gender roles
      2. The bob haircut became an iconic symbol of the flapper style
      3. Jazz music and speakeasies were integral to the flapper culture

      What era are flapper dancers from?

      Flapper dancers emerged in the vibrant and revolutionary atmosphere of the 1920s. This time was characterized by unusual social changes and cultural redefinition, and there are many adherents of flappers of the 1920s in Toronto today.

      These trailblazing 1920s flapper women defied traditional norms with their daring fashion choices, adorning themselves in:

      • the distinctive dance costume flapper attire, which featured sleek;
      • drop-waist silhouettes;
      • beaded embellishments;
      • feathered accessories.
      charleston dancers for hire

      What were 1920 dancers called?

      Dancers of the 1920s were often called "flappers". The term reflects the energetic and rebellious nature of the era. They challenged social norms with their distinctive fashion choices and energetic dance performances. They left an indelible mark on the culture of the time. And people are still inspired by their colorful performances today, but in a more modern form at Christmas parties in Toronto.

      What dance did flappers do?

      The dancers of that era became popular for their energetic and incendiary flapper dances. These skilled flappers dancers mesmerized audiences with their exuberant and innovative flapper dance moves, incorporating elements of the Charleston, the Black Bottom, and the Shimmy.

      Their intricate flapper dance steps were a testament to their dedication and passion for the art form. It reflected the professionalism and dedication of professional flappers dancers. They brought the liveliness and dynamism of the Roaring Twenties to life on the dance floor, which is still appreciated in the modern world.

      Dance in "The Great Gatsby"

      In The Great Gatsby, dance serves as a vivid embodiment of people's views and moods. From extravagant Christmas and New Year's celebrations to lavish parties, performers and entertainers fit seamlessly into any event. This era is still associated with fond memories of grandparents, celebrations, and fun. Therefore, flappers' performances add a special charm and authenticity to holiday events in Toronto. This allows guests to enjoy the unique spirit of the time.

      Dancers of this style are characterized by glittery dresses with sequins, dangles, beads, feathers, and fringe. The head is also sometimes decorated with a tiara with crystals or a hat with feathers. Gloves, fur capes, and long mouthpieces are also appropriate.

      What is the dance in The Great Gatsby?

      The Great Gatsby is synonymous with the exuberant and energetic movements of the era, depicted through the dynamic Great Gatsby dance sequences. Gatsby dances capture the essence of the 1920s with their lively rhythms and exciting choreography.

      Such performances reflect the energy and luxury of extravagant parties, making it possible to create the perfect celebration anywhere and anytime. The Great Gatsby dancers fill any celebration with irresistible charm and an unsurpassed sense of cheerfulness.

      What is the Great Gatsby style?

      Great Gatsby dances is a story about love and dreams, betrayal and death; a story about the costly price of being too loyal to the only dream for too long. The story is told by Great Gatsby Charleston dancers and expresses emotions through plastic movements and music. This ballet, as befits the plot of the novel, is a slightly time-stunned reminiscence of life at hellish speeds. During the performance, each Great Gatsby dancer plays a specific role, which is very exciting for the audience.

      What is the Great Gatsby theme dress?

      A Gatsby dress is a straight-cut piece, often having a horizontal cut line at hip level. The low waist visually shortens the legs, which is very important for modern fashionistas, and was completely indifferent to 1920s/1930s flapper girls.

      Previously, ladies could put on a corset and a lot of puffy skirts only with the help of servants, but now the clasps moved from the back to the front or disappeared altogether - such a dress could easily be put on by yourself.

      What is Gatsby themed?

      The Great Gatsby-themed event is very popular most likely because the turbulent twenties were a time of excess, wild parties, loud music, and naughty behavior. Fitzgerald's novel literally became the face of the turbulent twenties.

      The key to throwing a truly Great Gatsby-themed party is to embrace the feel, sound, and aesthetic of the turbulent 20s. This decade was all about gilding, decadence, and jazz. You can embody this atmosphere at your party and hire 1920's dancers. With masquerade costumes, live music, and professional performances, we will create the perfect New Year's party for you!

      What was a Gatsby girl?

      This is a magnificent Gatsby dancer who embodied the lively spirit and elegance of that era. With her dynamic performances and captivating grace Gatsby girl mesmerized the audience at large-scale events. It became synonymous with luxury and grace. The enchanting aura of the Great Gatsby dancers is reflected in the unique charm of these women. At the same time, our modern dancers organically combine the sophistication and bright colors of the Great Gatsby era.

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      Frequently asked questions

      The Charleston Dance: Roaring Twenties Icon

      At first, much of the Charleston dance of the 1920s was associated with young girls called flappers. It was the Charleston girl who could afford to dance alone and show contempt for the old traditions in the dance. Despite accusations of excessive openness, Charleston was taken up by all walks of life in America and Canada.

      Charleston was loved by both men because here they could show their strength and virility, and women - they removed corsets, layered skirts, and cotton dark stockings. Short dresses, silk stockings, and bandeaus came into fashion! Now the love of dance remains, and many still dream the same about Charleston dancers for hire at their Christmas party.

      What is the Charleston dance?

      Charleston dancing is the epitome of the energy and style of the 1920s, a style that continues to win the hearts of people around the world. It remains relevant and popular both among professionals and those who organize large-scale events and family celebrations for New Year's Eve.

      The Charleston can be danced solo or with a partner. Its simple and flexible basic step allows dancers to easily concentrate on style, improvisation, and musicality. That's why guests get incredible memories from the performance with Charleston dancers for years to come.

      What was Charleston in the Roaring 20s?

      Charleston was so popular that everyone danced it - even policemen and janitors. But there was no official dance school where you could learn to dance the Charleston. Therefore, wealthy people began to take lessons from their own servants: cooks, maids, and laundresses, who mastered this dance much faster.

      Unlike other dances, the Charleston became both a spectacle and a performance: it could be danced and watched. Over time, the dance also improved and became more complex, and at the same time more luxurious. Our Charleston dancers of the 1920s were thoroughly trained in this style and learned all the traditional moves, which they later refined and improved upon.


      It's not long until our favorite winter holidays. Why not make New Year's Eve or Christmas a true celebration in the style of a previous era? Our dancers will be happy to give you a performance, the cost of which will be optimal compared to the amount of joy and memories after the party! To find out the exact price and invite the best dancers in Toronto to your venue contact us for a free consultation and assistance in organizing your event.

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