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      What You Can Get at Ballroom Dancing Lessons for Beginners?

      Even if you haven’t attended any such classes before, a course of ballroom dancing for beginners will provide you with all the necessary experience to become a successful social dancer. These styles don’t require any special skills and perfectly fit many occasions and events.

      If you are a starter, it’s better to benefit from group ballroom dancing lessons as they are usually designed for people with no experience. Another great advantage of these classes is that you don’t have to spend time and effort looking for a partner. Finally, in a group, you will be able to meet many new interesting people to compare and share your impressions of ballroom dancing with, which makes the whole process much more fun!

      An Overview of the Ballroom Dancing Program for Beginners

      Ballroom dance for beginners

      The beginners’ course includes mastering the basic steps and classic combinations of the most popular social ballroom dance styles, learning the techniques of leading and following, and developing your ability to distinguish among various music rhythms and choose the appropriate patterns for them.

      The highly professional teachers of Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co will provide you with a full description and demonstration of the core exercises and routines for ballroom dancers. They will carefully guide your progress, warning you about mistakes you may be making and suggesting creative decisions for your experiments.

      This program has a lot of repetition in order to make sure that all students feel confident at using their new skills on a dance floor. The modern techniques and teaching methods applied by our instructors will show you how to relieve stress through dancing, gain more confidence, and improve your coordination, memory and alertness significantly.

      How to Learn Ballroom Dancing Basics Effectively

      • Stay attentive during the lessons.
        Attentiveness is a key point of success in every learning process, so consider it in order to spend your time usefully!
      • Don’t be too shy to ask the instructors questions.
        The instructors of Hips Don’t Lie Dance Co will gladly explain and clarify every detail that seems unclear to you. Ask questions anytime you need to.
      • Practice at home additionally.
        Include the basic exercises for ballroom dancers into your daily routine to achieve faster progress!
      • Wear comfortable shoes during the classes.
        Basically, any shoes will do as long as they are comfortable, sturdy enough, have soft soles, and an appropriate heel height (1.5-3 inches are ideal for women).
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