Halloween is coming up soon, and you are puzzled about organizing a scary and fun Halloween party at home? In this article, you will find a cool idea for a Halloween party that you can organize yourself: from invitations and snacks to fun games with fun contests and pranks.

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You might want to start with stylish invitations. For example, a skeleton, zombie or owl packed in black envelopes might be a fun way to let your friends know about your party. You can give them out in person or send them by e-mail. A great idea would also be to create a Facebook Event where you can post all the details, invite participants, and share photos after the party is done.

Appetizers and cocktails

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You should pay special attention to appetizers and cocktails. Make snacks and cocktails fit the theme by decorating your snacks with eyes, teeth and spider legs. For example, treat your guests with delicious monster-sandwiches. For preparation, you will need sandwich buns, sausage, and cheese, cut into slices to represent teeth (any filling, according to your preferences), and monster eyes can be depicted using cucumbers and cherries, olives or other round goodies.

A scary delicious monster-pizza, without a doubt, will be the highlight of your evening. You don’t have to bake pizza from scratch. Instead, you can buy a pre-cooked pizza and decorate it with monsters from cheese.

Another idea for a healthy snack is funny monsters from apples, making their tongues from strawberries, teeth from seeds, and eyes from eggs.

Finally, you can complete the snack tray with funny ghost bananas with chocolate eyes and mouth and mandarin pumpkins with cucumber stalks.

Of course, there is no party without scary cocktails, such as Bloody Mary, and even bloody eyes floating in glasses? And without hellish witches’ potions and tinctures with spiders, scorpions, flies, skeletons and other evil spirits, the holiday simply won’t be Halloween!

Games and quests

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“In search of ingredients for the Witch’s potion.”
You can make Mulled wine. For ingredients and Recipes

In one of the rooms or throughout the house, hide the ingredients previously chopped and bagged in bags labelled as spiders’ legs, frogs, and flies. Then, turn off the lights and give out candles to participants. The task of the participants is to find as many ingredients as possible. The one who finds the most wins.

Game “Haunted Room”

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The host tells a creepy little story about one of the rooms, which is haunted. And invites guests to see for themselves. To do this, you must find and remove from the room all the remains of old Jack.

Guests are led into a dark room, and terrifying music with ghost sounds is turned on. Each guest finds some part of Dead Jack’s body in bags scattered throughout the room. But it is not enough to take the remains out of the room. Each participant must also name what part of the body he is holding in his hands.

The game “Witch Sabbat”

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You need a broom, a skull, a bloody eye, or some Halloween-related item to play with. Participants stand in a circle and begin to quickly pass the object from hand to hand to scary music. The participant who ends up with a subject when the music stops must leave the game.


One participant, the ghost hunter, is blindfolded, and the other participants become ghosts. Ghosts make various frightening sounds and run around the Hunter. The task of the Hunter is to catch the spirits and name them. If the Hunter guesses correctly, then the captured ghost takes his place.


Of course, there is no party complete without a dance. The best way to open the dance floor is by hiring a professional dance show who can first showcase an excellent performance and pull your guests to the dance floor.

We can help with that.

You and your friends will remember this exciting party for a long time.