With social-distancing rules in place, spring babies have encountered gathering free parties.

With venues being closed, with immediate family rules in place, even smaller, home-based gatherings are being reconsidered. The birthday party may not sound as exciting.

But with a bit of creativity and craving for fun, you can still celebrate another turn around the sun — and not be exposed to the pandemic.

While the best gift would still be the time machine into the normal life, we thought of a few ways to cheer you up and even get you a government-approved party.

Birthday Cake 

No birthday is a real birthday without a cake. Pandemic will pass, but memories would remain.

Trending ideas this season are cakes in the shape of the virus or toilet paper roll. Youll have pictures to remind you of the special year and a very creative cake.

Remember to use small local bakery; in these difficult times, small family businesses need the most support.
Everything is custom made for your theme. Made to order with fresh ingredients 🤗

Balloon Surprise 

Everyone loves balloons; you can order beautiful designs to take pictures with and then have family balloon games. 

Make it rain with a surprise for a birthday boy/girl by hanging balloons on the ceiling with a light fabric, pull on the fabric ones they enter the room and let them fall on them. 

You can have a Balloon Popping game after. 

Our favourite balloon professionals are 

 MSM Decor Studio 


(647) 889-8772

They have several arrangements ranging from $25 to $125 

with a variety of grad themed foil balloons and can put together any balloon bundle based on your budget.

Have a parade 


You can dress up in cool outfits, have balloons and signs with the birthday boy/girl name on them and march through your neighbourhood. We offer Stiltwalker, circus performers and carnival dancers who can make your birthday parade even more special. With social distancing in place, of course. 


Have a dance party. The dancers can come to your front lawn or backyard. 



We have created a safe show with dancers performing for you at a safe distance. With special measures in place, you can still enjoy a colourful performance, learn some dance moves and have a blast. 

COVID-19 shouldn't stop you from celebrating your special day.