What are a bride and a groom afraid of more than anything on the wedding day? That's right: a boring wedding. An entertainment dance company will help add some diversity to a wedding agenda. Hiring a dance show for a wedding is a gift not only to guests but also to yourself.

A wedding is always joyful. And also heck ticks, expensive and a lot of responsibility. There are so many things to be foreseen: choosing a photographer, finding a DJ, booking a restaurant. Every minute is busy; every dime counts. Perhaps that is why, when it comes to show much doubt and leave it to the last minute.

Is it worth it? What is it exactly? How do I choose the right show? And is it even necessary?

A dance show is not just a choreographed number; it's not an act, illusion or acrobatic performance. It is all of the above.
A mix of styles and genres, an extravaganza of music, lights and props. T The repertoire of the show ballet includes a variety of styles. The same group can dance flamenco and breakdancing, jive and twerk. You choose the theme and style, and dancers will bring dynamics, rhythms and movements to the table. Hiring a show for a wedding means making the party colourful, more unordinary and more enjoyable.

There are at least three reasons to call your wedding planner right now and ask them to provide time for a dance show at your wedding program.

 Reason # 1:

It's beautiful. Performances by show-dancers are always exciting. Moreover, regardless of how well your guests understand dancing. All of the attendees will appreciate the skills and talent of the dancers. The main thing is to discuss the dance numbers in advance. And tell the artists exactly what you expect from them. The romantic waltz story or acrobatic stunts? Tender rumba or passion tango? Delicate ballet or high-energy merengue? Show dancers are capable of anything, and these are not just words.

Reason # 2:

This show is specifically designed to warm up the audience and get them to join the action on the dance floor. To prevent guests from hiding in the corners of the restaurant and not get bored between toasts, add a little interaction to your wedding. A professional dance show will not let anyone be left out.

Reason # 3:

It's unique. Keeping the attention of guests for several hours in a row is not an easy task. Sometimes even an experienced and charismatic presenter cannot cope with it. Contests, DJ, toasts, and tricks don't always save the day, so what do you do? That's right: invite a dance show. A couple of energetic dance numbers with special effects and props will help revitalize and diversify the monotonous course of the event. The dance show is a unique atmosphere, exciting rhythms and a charge of positive emotions for the whole evening. Do you want to see this for yourself? Call or email us right now, and we will turn your event into a celebration that will be remembered for a long time by everyone lucky enough to receive an invitation