Why do you need to choose a DJ carefully? 

Hey! My name is Lyana - I am a professional dancer entertainer with 20 years of experience in the event industry. I have worked with thousands of DJs. I have met highly skilled and complete beginners, from young and tech-savvy to those who to this day operate with CD. It is known that people often face difficulties in finding a DJ, spend a lot of time and make the same mistakes that lead to frustration.

I hope this article will help anyone looking for a reasonably priced quality DJ. Here you will find answers to the questions: "Who is a DJ? What there role? How much do DJ services cost in Toronto?

The most popular question is how much does the DJ cost?

It is important to understand that everyone has their idea of ​​quality. Therefore, comparing prices is pointless unless you have a clear picture of what you are paying for. 


Mistake 1: A PIG IN A POKE. 

There is no difference between a sound engineer and a DJ for many. Therefore, they choose according to the principle "who is cheaper." Yes, I agree; it will be annoying if it turns out that, in the end, you overpaid. Let's start with definitions:

DJ  is undoubtedly a creative person with a delicate musical taste. An artist who comes into emotional contact with the crowd. A person who communicates through music knows how to create the right mood and maintain it throughout the evening. Music for him is letters, from which he builds logical sentences, turning them into a single complete story.

A professional DJ must also be a good sound operator.

SOUND OPERATOR. Its task is to achieve high-quality sound. He knows how to make sure the music is easy on your ears. He is an expert in the technical intricacies of setting up equipment. Most often, the work takes place according to a pre-compiled scenario. This profession is in demand: at radio, music festivals, recording studios, concerts and other events. 

Conclusion: Decide on the format of the event. Think about what you expect from the party? Discuss your requirements with your potential specialist in advance.

Mistake 2:We will deal with music last.

Ask yourself: "Can any celebration be done without music? And without a host? It is a fact that there is no holiday without music, but in some cases, it is quite possible to do without a host.

The DJ is one of the most important figures. At least half of the success depends on him. But, of course, we are talking about a professional. So now, knowing who DJ is and understanding their role, we can talk about the quality of the services provided.

You can distinguish a professional from one who is doing this as a hobby by the following features:

- high-quality music material: AIFF, WAV, vinyl, MP3 (320kbps);

- only professional DJ equipment and plugs;

- careful selection of music, based on theme and mood;

- the ability to adapt to the audience, analyze the situation on the spot;

- good knowledge of musical trends;

- technical skills (the ability to play from any device, mix music);

- portfolio (playlist).

And here are the characteristics of a person who has nothing to do with professional DJing:

choose dj 768 × 411 пикс.

- untidy appearance;

- cheap non-professional equipment;

- the music is played randomly, with pauses, the tracks do not have a logical connection with each other;

- lack of musical taste and knowledge;

- no connection with the crowd;

- the quality of music suitable only for an acquaintance (mp3 <320 kbps);

- treating the job as "gig" - easy money;

- uncoordinated unprepared music: technical hitches, pauses between compositions, distorted and untuned sound.


  1. Be as careful about choosing a DJ as you are about selecting a host or photographer. 
  2. Discuss all the details only during a personal meeting.
  3. Remember: who you choose will determine the quality of the event as a whole.

Mistake 3: Selecting based on "who is cheaper."

As a rule, the cost below the average indicates insufficient experience, low-quality equipment, or its absence.

For example, the services of a professional in the city of Toronto at the time of 2021-2022 fluctuate between $1000 - $4000 a night. The cost depends on area, hours, conditions, equipment, and experience. If you order a specialist from an agency, it's usually 30% more expensive; however, it comes with security and peace of mind that you will have a DJ.  

Remember, high-quality services cannot cost below the market average. Therefore, approach the selection of such candidates with GREAT CAUTION!

Mistake 4: Restaurant equipment is a Russian roulette

Having agreed with the restaurant management, using restaurants equipment seems to be, at first glance, reasonable savings, but let's look at the other side of the coin.

When something breaks out of your rental equipment, you may be charged for the damaged property. But technology tends to break down when mishandled and if it's old.

The owners of this institution hardly think about the importance of such a thing as scheduled diagnostics and repair. However, its unknown under what conditions the equipment is used, it is possible that it works with overload, and electronic components have long been damaged.

Trust a specialist who can recommend a rental company to provide technical advice; most DJ have their equipment.


As a rule, a well-known agency is unlikely to offer someone from the street. They value their reputation.

But do not forget about this scenario:

Not every event industry professional with whom you will communicate is aware of the differences in professions; they may recommend a sound engineer colleague.

Yes, of course - it's cheaper, but you may end up with the wrong service. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, and approximately 73% of events employ a sound engineer. So why let yourself be fooled and pay for something you don't get?

Conclusion: see for yourself and arrange a meeting with the future candidate.

Here are recommendations on choosing a professional 

So, we got to the critical and final stage.

I am sure that the points that I'm about to list will help you make an informed choice:

-Like any other artist, a DJ must be booked in advance, usually 3-7 months before the scheduled date. Especially when it comes to the high season (from July to September - weddings and from December to January - corporate parties);

- look at the portfolio ;

- listen to the mixes (recorded performance); each professional has their style;

- read reviews of the candidate;

- make an appointment to help you find out if you are on the same page of musical views.

- at the meeting, ask the candidate why you should choose them? A professional knows their strengths and will quickly answer; 

- ask about experience and achievements in the event industry; -Discuss musical wishes and tell us how you imagine the event;

- specify what is included in the cost of services;

- what equipment is used, and in what condition is the equipment;

- If you feel something is off during the interview or feel that the person hesitates with answers, continue the search.

Give us a call we can recommend a few very professional DJ's