Because dancing resembles a sport, scientists were puzzled by the question: what kind of psychological benefit does dancing bring to a person. And what is most interesting is that dancing primarily has a positive effect on women's psychology, and it has many benefits.

Psychologists conducted research involving dance moves. They took a particular group of people previously trained in several dance moves. Those movements required the person to apply efforts and comply with the group's principle of synchronicity. By compression of the blood pressure cuff, they identified the pain threshold of subjects. Its conclusions were as follows: a person who mastered several PAs and performed them with high synchronization accuracy acquired a higher pain threshold. Psychologists explain this phenomenon as follows: dance classes in a group require a significant concentration of attention from each of his participants.

With extended sessions, group members establish a strong bond. When a group achieves favourable results in their work, they reach a new level of relationships, allowing at specific periods to cause a simultaneous release of hormones, particularly endorphins, in all dancers. And as everyone knows, endorphins block physical pain. With regular dancing in a group, the level of endorphins in a person's blood increases significantly, making the threshold of his susceptibility to pain higher.

The acquisition of such skills gave a person more self-confidence, increased his sense of self-satisfaction. A person who learned only a few dance moves at a problematic level began to appreciate himself more.

From all this, we can make unequivocal conclusions that dance classes are undoubtedly beneficial for men and women for the following reasons:

• They increase self-esteem

• They have an excellent effect on maintaining physical health

• Help to establish mutual understanding between people

• Increase the pain threshold of an individual

• Introduce elegance and beauty into a person's posture

If a person has a desire to practice dancing, do not dismiss him, no matter what. Neither age, nor employment, nor financial situation should become an obstacle in this matter. If you want, you have to go and dance. Dance classes will bring many benefits to the health of the body and a person's psychological state, be it a man or a woman. Correct posture, proudly held head, smooth walk and good physical shape. Isn't it worth it?