Each corporate event requires a proper approach. But the most important thing in all this celebration is memories. So how can you make your company holiday memorable? Today we will discuss the main criteria with you. 

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So, for an unforgettable corporate party, you must stick to the unspoken rules:

  • Think over the concept of the party. This is a necessary rule for any festive celebration, and a corporate event is no exception. The best idea might be a themed party, which is better to plan ahead of time. Defining a topic can spark genuine interest in your event. The concept of a themed party is perfect for a corporate event to celebrate the New Year or a company anniversary.
  • Collect your employee's opinions and wishes. This is also a necessary rule, especially if you have a small team and consult with colleagues about the upcoming celebration by discussing the program of the event, menu, gifts, etc. This will allow you to better know the preferences of employees and will contribute to bonding and team building.
  • Avoid clichés. The usual regular feasts in the office are boring. Add variety - arrange a workshop or invite an exciting speaker. New emotion will inspire creativity. 
  • If there is a dress code, help your team with their costumes by taking on organizational issues, such as characters. Get some masks or other accessories for those who, for some reason, couldn't get a costume. 
  • Don't forget about the photography. Any corporate party should be captured on a camera for warm, fun memories. Just a couple of hours is enough to click the most remarkable moments of your corporate party. If the budget is not enough, ask some friend to be a photographer, even on the phone. 
  • When choosing alcohol, first of all, think about quality, not quantity. Remember that the key to an unforgettable corporate party is not the amount you drink but the emotions you get. Focus on entertainment over alcohol. Invite a good host, DJ, dancers. If your celebration takes place outside the office, then be sure to order an entire show program. This part of the corporate party will leave the most vivid impressions of the holiday for all employees.
  • Strike a balance between eating snacks and being active. A light buffet table will be an excellent solution for a corporate party, where the main focus is on interactions.
  • Arrange a ride home after a party for employees. This bonus will show that you care about your people and increase employee loyalty to the organization. Of course, this is the case if the company's budget allows. 

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So, to sum up, these basic rules, it is important to think over the concept of the party, negotiate the entertainment program and menu, and additional bonuses in the form of transfers, gifts, etc. As in any work, the plan is essential here, and more so in the -corporate event. Having planes it thorough will make it easier for you to control the course of all actions.

If this all above sounds overwhelming, you can always hire an event organizer responsible for all of it. We can give you some of the amazing ones who can make your event truly unique. 

Make your corporate evening unforgettable, and we will be happy to help you with this!