Competitive dances: everything you need to know

In the captivating realm of dance, where emotions find their voice through movement, a unique breed of performers emerges, bound by a shared passion and an insatiable drive for excellence. … Continue reading “Competitive dances: everything you need to know”

Stigmatization and hypersexualization of oriental dancers

The Hypersexualization of oriental dance has had real consequences for performers in some countries. For example, oriental dance became associated with poor values, promiscuity and obscenity in Egypt. Many even … Continue reading “Stigmatization and hypersexualization of oriental dancers”

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Diwali, Indian holiday- festival of lights

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Theme party in autumn. Best fall party ideas

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The History of Arabic Dance. Arab folk dances

Oriental dances: history and legends of the Arab countries.  The history of oriental dances: from ritual to exotic The first mention of the Bellydance dance was found in the ancient … Continue reading “The History of Arabic Dance. Arab folk dances”