As a dance teacher, I get this type of question from my student all the time.

(I have a big problem with feeling tense, anxiety on stage and can't let go. i have practiced hard, I'm well trained, very artistic and feel the music well, but I can't showcase my talent on stage in front of an audience. So when I start dancing, it's as if I am chained and have no emotions.)

Confidence on stage 1

Your performance depends on millions of different psychological, emotional, and physical qualities and can be solved with one simple practice. Know that the excitement in front of the stage or the excitement on stage will never leave you, even when you perform for 30 years. Every experienced artist knows that when nervousness and butterflies before the stage stop, it's time to retire. But how do you channel it in the right direction?

Many students' problems are that they dance like students and not like professional artists. As a student, you constantly dance with a pitiful, apologetic look, kind of like saying (ill just dance here for a little, just bear with me im so sorry ) constantly seeking approval, "do you like it?".

Professional artists on the other hand get on stage knowing that they are already loved. Their performance is not an exam but a friendly evening, thus bringing the anxiety level to a minimum.
An artist's task is not to impress the audience with every move and step; they already proved everything to everyone.

Before each performance, during rehearsals, you need to practice alone with yourself and get lost in your choreography. Try to dance for yourself and feel every move so deep that tears flow from your eyes.
It is necessary to feel every touching moment in the music and choreography, every emotional climax, and try to dance so that you like it yourself; film yourself and watch as if that's not you; if you don't like what you see, then it's too early to do so go on stage. There should be something unique in you; everyone is. Just as there are no identical snowflakes, there are no identical people. So look for what you like about yourself. If you can find it, then the audience will too.

Confidence on stage 2

My coach used to tell me, "get your s** together and show them you are the best" if you go on stage in wet pants, that's how they will perceive you. But, if you show up full of confidence, they will believe you and love you.

So get your shit together, friends and follow the advice of my teacher.

And one more thing, the audience often does not understand anything about the choreography or the moves or technique. However, they do feel your emotions wonderfully, so dance for people, love them, make them cry and laugh, and they will respond with love, and then all fear will fade away.