Nervous about an upcoming photo-shoot? Don't know how to position your body, so you look fantastic? We are here to help. 

   At the beginning of a photo-shoot, many worried about their posture.

   Many have no clue what to do with hands, which side to turn, how to hold their head, etc.

  This is not difficult. With a few general guidelines, you would look like a VS Model:

 The day before the photo-shoot, look at yourself in the mirror; take 10minutes to see what you like about yourself more and choose the most winning poses for you. This is an essential point. With a little practice in this way, you will understand what works best for you.

Look at examples of other photo-shoots on the Internet, in magazines. By looking at others, you can also understand what suits you personally.

While in the studio, it's a good idea to be shooting in front of a mirror. 

Common mistakes that most people make.

  • You should not spread your arms and legs wide, taking the pose of "starfish." This visually makes you look disproportionate. 
  • Do not put your hands on your waist. That visually makes the figure look wider.
  • Don't drop your chin down. This adds extra folds to your chin.
  • Don't lean back from the camera. Do the opposite - bend forward.

Some posing tips. 


  • Use your hair. Hair accentuates the softness of your shapes. 
  • Find the right outfit. Correctly selected outfits can hide imperfections and emphasize your body's main advantage, making you feel confident.
  •  Keep your face in a half-turn, straighten your back and draw in your stomach. Rehearse in front of the mirror beforehand to find the correct posture. 
  • The body's curves always a win in photographs, arms crossed on the chest and intertwined legs. This pose perfectly hides extra pounds and gives the photo a-little mystery.
  • To avoid "wide shoulders" in the photo, do not shoot shoulders forward. The shoulders are the widest part of the body. By choosing the right poses, you will visually reduce them.
  • Do not put your hands close to your body, especially if you came to the photo session with short sleeves. 
  • To prevent your hands from looking shapeless, you can bend them at the elbows, hold them on your belt or pick up an object, put them in your pockets, lean against a wall or "close" them behind your head.