The first wedding dance of lovebirds should become a mesmerizing action, from which hearts sink, and tears welling up in the eyes. And to make the first dance precisely like that, you need more than just music. What else? We will talk about this in our article.

Bubbles, not just for kids. 

Allot of people think that bubbles are not suitable or appropriate for a wedding. But Imagine: your favourite slow composition is playing, and you are spinning in a cloud of soap bubbles, shimmering with all the colours of the rainbow. A captivating sight! Don't forget to ask your venue to wipe out the floors after, as it may be slippery afterward. 



Artificial snow

We know we know the last thing you want in Canada is another snowstorm 🙂 But think for a second on how beautiful it can be. Snow always has a very magical effect. Why not arrange a personal winter fairy tale in the summer? A particular machine will release fluffy flakes of artificial snow, and you will not be cold at all, but, on the contrary, warmth from the feelings that overwhelm you.



Order a smoke machine for your first wedding dance - and you will get the feeling that you are dancing in heaven, among the clouds. As an idea to add to this heavenly theme, consider highering dancers in angel costumes with white wings that can create a beautiful dance around you. 



Glitter rain, confetti

When the wedding arrangement or choreography reaches its climax moment, arrange for rain confetti or sparkling sequins on you. Yes, then you have to take this splendour out of the hair and get it out from behind the collar, but the beautiful photos and the spectacular completion of the dance are so worth it.


If you are having your wedding ceremony under an open sky, you can accompany your first dance with colourful fireworks. If you are dancing indoors, then you can limit yourself to fireworks-fountains or cascading fireworks. Either way, the sight is absolutely fantastic!


Light show

Lately, it has become trendy to accompany the first dance with light shows. It can be just multi-coloured figures and patterns that are floating on the walls, or you can write the names or initials of the newlyweds on any surface with the help of bright rays.

This idea is very simple and affordable. 


Oh Candles

Candles are the constant companions of lovers at all times. It is enough to turn off the main lighting and light candles as if romance pervades the air around. You can give each of the guests a candle and ask them to stand in a circle in the center of which you will perform your dance. So everyone present will feel their involvement in such a touching moment.

It is absolutely beautiful and so simple. 



And finally, if you want a real show, then arrange a wedding dance in advance and invite professional dancers. Bright, beautiful costumes of dancers and a mass performance, in the center of which will be your couple, will be remembered by your guests for a long time. 

We hope you enjoyed our article and found it useful. 

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We hope your first wedding dance be the most beautiful and unforgettable!