Indulge your face 

Dancers express their feelings and a full range of human emotions through a series of carefully crated movements.

Gestures and facial expressions play a massive role in the dance performance. (especially to music in which there are words)try to feel, and not just memorize individual words and show them not just with your body but also on your face.

Here are some tips to help you dance with your face along with your body.

1.Know what the song is about; if it's in a foreign language, have at least an approximate translation

2.Periodically use gestures where they are appropriate. That doesn't mean you must use sign language to motion every letter. Just emphasize the essential meaning of the song.

3.Every style has its way of gesture; use it according to your style

Don't fake it

You cannot memorize all facial expressions. Just be natural. Don't ever copy "someone else's" facial expressions. It would be best if you were yourself to show the audience your emotions and feelings: sadness, happiness, passion, anger, etc.; your main task is to learn how to navigate them.

Practice in front of a mirror. Turn on different music and use your face according to it. We all know how to smile, be surprised, scared, that is, to express our feelings, but we do it on a reflex level.

Memorize how different songs or videos made you feel. What did your face look like?  Tape yourself to see it from the side.

Facial expression in dance 2

The goal is to be able to hold each expression for a long time. And to be able to express it on your face regardless of how you feel at that specific moment.

And remember, stay in character up until you leave the stage. You want the audience to have an after-taste and to believe you. If you get out of your character as soon as your music stops, It will instantly kill your image.

If you have any secrets that you use when going on stage, please share them in the comments below.