Entrance for the first dance of the newlyweds, how to make it magical and unforgettable?

The first wedding dance of lovebirds should become a mesmerizing action, from which hearts sink, and tears welling up in the eyes. And to make the first dance precisely like … Continue reading “Entrance for the first dance of the newlyweds, how to make it magical and unforgettable?”

Why choose dance-show/group for an events

Organizing an event is a complicated process that usually includes a live orchestra and dances. The most striking form in performing art is precisely the dance performances. For those events … Continue reading “Why choose dance-show/group for an events”

Birthday celebration during quarantine

With social-distancing rules in place, spring babies have encountered gathering free parties. With venues being closed, with immediate family rules in place, even smaller, home-based gatherings are being reconsidered. The … Continue reading “Birthday celebration during quarantine”

Persian Dance for Nowruz

Persian Dance is one of the most beautiful Forms of Art! Dance has been a big part of Persian culture for many years. The movements demonstrate flexibility and grace. The … Continue reading “Persian Dance for Nowruz”

Lezginka Dance

Ladies and Gentlemen let us introduce to you Lezginka The most famous and popular dances for the people of Caucasus. This is a story of a Caucasian Dance When the … Continue reading “Lezginka Dance”

Planning a Christmas party

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