1. Musicality. Musicality is one of the most important aspects of any dancer, in any style. It is the dancer's ability to feel the music, hear it and improvise to it.  
  2. Cleanliness of performance - defined movements technique of performing dance and strong elements.
  3. Originality. Every dancer must have their own style and uniqueness to stand out from the rest, individuality, and signature.

win Dance Competition

4.  Interesting choreography. Think outside the box; your choreography must be memorable and original, add unique elements and style to your performance.

5. The presentation. Of course, the way the dancer carries itself, facial expressions, confidence and experience. You must show judges that you are a star and you deserve to be a champion, no less. Remember your competition begins at the entrance. Judges look at transitions between combinations and how you enter and exit the stage. 

6. The difficulty of the choreography is how physically difficult the elements are performed by the dancer.


 These are just a few main evaluation criteria on how dancing is evaluated.

But one thing to remember is optimism, a positive attitude, faith in victory, and that first spot will be yours!