Today we will touch upon an essential topic of stage life, which many dancers (even famous ones) overlook. There are many types of ethical rules in all businesses, and our field is no exception. So, the basic rules of artist ethics:

  • All of the movements that you do on stage must be justified! You can't itch, blow your nose, pull up your pants and keep touching your hair. 
  • Do not take your cellphone to the stage even if your act is to stand there in the background. 
  • You should only wear dance shoes. Or at least dress shoes. Even if you are not dancing and only there for an award ceremony or hosting the event, the most disastrous thing is going on stage in boots or dirty shoes. Yes, I have seen it happen.
  • Before the performance, you must not appear wearing your costume in the lobby, only after the show. Think of it as a bride not showing herself in a wedding dress to the groom before the wedding. 
  • If you made a mistake smile and pretend that's how it was planed. The audience should not read it in your face that something is wrong. Keep a Poker face. Only you and your choreographer know what actually happened.
  • If you dance in a group, and someone messed up, do not look with a mean "are you stupid" look at them. Your dance partner is not so happy about it either! It will only make it worse. 
  • Always remember that you are an artist! After the dance, you need to bow. There should not be a dead expression on your face! A light smile with gratitude to the audience. 
  • Never turn your back to the audience unless it's justified in the choreography.
  • Remember, entrance and exists are all part of the performance. I have seen so many dancers perform a perfect piece and leave the stage, like carrying a potato sack on their shoulders. Remember, if the audience can see you, you are still performing. 

rules that artists

These are just a small amount of rules that artists need to know. But if you want to be perceived as a professional artist, you must follow them. 

We hope all of these tips are helpful and wish you good luck with your next performance.