Flamenco is love, hate, aggression and madness.

Flamenco is an incredibly passionate yet gentle dance that originated in Spain. The dancer is an integral part of Flamenco. She is called “bailaora” Flamenco is a complicated dance, not … Continue reading “Flamenco is love, hate, aggression and madness.”

Dive into the Brazilian carnival with us.

Brazilian Carnival Show will take you to the fabulous atmosphere of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, turning your party into an unforgettable event. Our team is always at your … Continue reading “Dive into the Brazilian carnival with us.”

Bellydance with a sword

There are many theories and legends about the origins of dancing with a sword.   Some people believe a legend that in ancient times, women accompanied men on military campaigns to … Continue reading “Bellydance with a sword”

Five Fun Wedding Games

Planning an entertainment program is an essential step in preparing for a wedding. It doesn’t matter if you have ten guests or 100, you are making a party, and there … Continue reading “Five Fun Wedding Games”

What can go wrong on a wedding

The chances of something going wrong on your wedding day is pretty high. Our tips will help you stay calm and for-see most of oops moments.  1.It’s raining   With beautiful … Continue reading “What can go wrong on a wedding”

Dancers for senior homes

Our dancers perform at the senior homes each year. Besides regular shows that our dancers perform, we also create specialized shows that fit the event’s theme at retirement homes. Dancers … Continue reading “Dancers for senior homes”